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Viglink: Easier Way to Monetize Links On Your Blog: “Guest post by Oliver Roup, VigLink CEO

If you spend as much time working on your blog as we do, you wonder if there’s a way to get paid. Many bloggers monetize by selling ads on their site but now there is a way to get paid for your actual content rather than just the ads that go around it.

Any time you write about a product or service, you’re connecting your audience to that product. If someone makes a purchase, the seller benefits from your written wordyou influenced a purchase. There are thousands of websites that will pay you a fee for any business you bring them through a form of online advertising called affiliate marketing. With affiliate ads, web publishers are compensated for driving online actions.

VigLink is a content monetization company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers. We offer a simple snippet of code you can install in your blog that automatically and transparently does all the work for you. We’ve catalogued and signed up for more than 12,500 affiliate programs and we collect all the performance information and deliver you a single integrated payment. In return, VigLink takes 25% of the incremental revenue you earn.

There are no other costs or fees and nothing changes about how your site looks or behaves. Join VigLink and enroll your blog in less than a minute or learn more by watching this two minute video.

Oliver Roup is the CEO and co-founder of VigLink, a content monetization company backed by Google Ventures.


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  • Seconds to a sexier, firmer, younger-looking you!
  • Look one size smaller instantly
  • Lifts and shapes breasts and buttocks
  • Sculpts your waist
  • Tones your body
  • Full back support to achieve better body posture
  • Lessens backache
  • Use without surgery
  • Highly compressive material, very comfortable to the skin
  • Extensive line of designs for every day use
  • Choice of colors
  • All sizes available
  • No metal wires or latex
  • Openings for comfortable trips to the bathroom
  • Smart Design that allows it to be adjusted as you loose pounds and inches
  • Post surgical designs for faster healing


Our garments are also vital in the post-surgical recovery period helping in body contouring; skin retraction, flushing of potentially harmful fluids, and making you feel more comfortable. Breast augmentation or reduction, liposuction of the abdomen, arms, thighs, hips and knee, tummy tucks, leg procedures, thigh and buttock lift are among the many surgical procedures that require our compression garments for faster recovery.